What is OnVolunteers?

OnVolunteers is a cloud-based volunteer management platform designed for schools to automate their Parent Volunteer and Student Service Learning programs. Our 2 unique systems are designed to streamline the volunteer management process and save hundreds of hours of manual work for the school staff, parents and students alike.

How is OnVolunteers different from online signup forms?

Online signup forms help with signups and simple hours tracking. With OnVolunteers, online signups/simple tracking is only about 15% of our capabilities, the other 85% is comprehensive volunteer program management, covering everything from tracking $ values of individual service hours, to volunteer jobs matching, to jobs and hours verification, to automated service hours monitoring and notifications, to, of course, advanced reporting.

What level of technical knowledge is needed to manage an OnVolunteers account?

Zero. Anyone who surfs the Internet can easily use OnVolunteers. In a survey of 500+ of our users, 98% stated OnVolunteers is “Very Easy” or “Extremely Easy” to use.

Can I use my tablet or smartphone with OnVolunteers?

You bet. OnVolunteers uses technology called Responsive Design; our software’s interface automatically re-sizes itself to whatever device you’re using, making for a beautifully simple experience. No mobile app needed.

Is technical support included?

Yep, we got your back! With your subscription, you get unlimited web conference and email support, Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm. We have a 4-hour response time on help requests.

Can we can cancel a subscription?

Yes. If you decide OnVolunteers isn’t for you, you can cancel a Monthly subscription in the month you’re in. You can cancel an Annual subscription any time, we’ll refund your subscription on a pro-rated basis. In both cases, no questions asked.

Is there a minimum subscription with the Monthly plan?

Nope. You can stop in the same month you start. But we’re 100% confident you’ll be delighted with what our system gives your school and won’t want to stop.

How would we pay, for either the Monthly or Annual subscription?

We have a credit card payment process for our Monthly plan. For the Annual plan, you can choose to either pay by credit card or by check after we send you an invoice.

What’s involved in getting started?

Getting going with OnVolunteers is super easy and involves minimal work on your part. With our Getting Started service, we’ll upload your families or students list and your entire year’s worth of volunteer events, categories and volunteer jobs and schedules into your volunteer portal*. After, we’ll train your school staff, program leaders and/or coordinators. We even provide you with sample information to use when you launch with your users.

How long does it normally take to get started and launch?

If you want to start small, with just one event, you can be up and running in just 1 day. Schools usually want to have all the events and volunteer jobs uploaded in the beginning; in that case, it’s takes about 7-10 school days, including training your team.

Is there any training provided? Is there a cost?

With our Parent Volunteer system, the Getting Started service includes 3 hours of training (2 hours for your volunteer program administrator(s) and 1 hour for your event coordinators). The Getting Started service has a one-time of $299 for schools with less than 400 family/user accounts, and $499 for schools with more than 400 families/users.

Our Student Service system’s Getting Started service has a one-time fee of $199 (regardless of # of students), and includes 1.5 hours of training for school staff.

Can we get a trial?

Absolutely. In fact, we strongly encourage you to take a trial. We want you to see firsthand how beautifully simple it is to automate your volunteer program. Let us know you want a trial and we’ll have a volunteer portal ready for you the same day.

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